Waste reduction!

The products of Join ELM items are made of goat leather. Instead of local Indian farmers throwing away the leather, they now get a beautiful new destination.

Environmentally friendly tanning process

We use environmentally friendly products while tanning the leather so that nature is hardly taxed. A speciality!

No Water Pollution

Water pollution in India is a major problem. Join ELM stays far from this because we treat our products in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Honest and Durable

A robust collection with a fair origin. Whether it's the small, local Indian entrepreneur, tanning of the leather, Join ELM stands for sustainability.

Join the Movement!


With all the big consequences of that. Join ELM wants to stay far from these practices. Therefore, we make sure that the entrepreneurs work for us in an environmentally friendly manner.This is good for them, their surroundings and your must have.


Check out the big effects of water contamination by tanners, call it a stop, Join ELM