Story of the Designers

My goal was to create a design that could be enjoyed daily. I really liked the material and started to explore it's possibilities. There are only a few products people use daily and one of them is keys. So I wondered, could it for them more special and nicer to use their keys.


The result is the key holder, which offers you a daily ritual to handle your keys in an enjoyable way. It also holds your phone, which is a surprising feature. It is a small piece of luxury to have everything organized in a beautiful material. I think you will like this leather very much for it quality and how it changes over time.


"I love to find practical solutions"

- Michèle Stoop, Product Designer - Key Holder

My name is Geoffrey Doornbosch and I'm Industrial Design Engineer. I studied at TU Delft, where I learned everything in design. In recent years, I have seen the effect of sustainable designs. Companies focusing on ecological improvements are strong in innovating and developing smart innovations. That's why I'd like to join Join ELM.


They asked me to develop a wallet of ecological leather. Not just a wallet, but one of high quality. That was a challenge I liked. The end result is a wallet that combines ecological and sustainable leather with functionality and looks fantastic. Get yours today!

"Functional and Minimalistic, the Wallet You want"

- Geoffrey Doornbosch, Product Designer - Wallet