Blockchain for Leather Supply Chain

This demo shows how consumers can be assured that they use ethical and eco-friendly leather.

How leather was a by-product of the meat industry and not the core product. 

Without compromising the confidentiality of the businesses

Cattle to Car Seat

The Animal was well treated in a certified farm. There were regular inspections by external agencies to ensure that.

Animal Treatment

Beam house used for the treatment of hide is certified to follow environmental and labor standards.

Eco-Friendly Beamhouse

Hide only as by-product

The animal was killed for the meat. There is a foolproof record to show that hide if not used by leather industry will have to be wasted/incinerated.

Tanney, where the leather is made, has been certified to follow proper environmental, labour and business standards. 

Leather is processed by traditional technique. 

Sustainable Tannery

Leather seat cover made from the leather which was produced from an otherwise wasted  hide. Processed in the traditional way and produced ethically and eco-friendly is presented to consumer to see for themself.

Leather Seat Cover

This is an indication of what an end user will be able to see when they buy a car with leather seat cover.

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