People using leather are portrayed as evil. But in reality, leather is an art from meat industry's waste. Join ELM provides a blockchain based traceability solution to solve this problem.

Leather is not the reason for animal slaughter. Let's prove it!

The leather is seen as an evil thanks to the many campaigns portraying people who use leather as murderers. Whereas it is far from truth. Most of the leather product is created from the waste of meat industry.

War against Leather - Is it Fair?

Traceability from the Cattle

To prove leather is not the reason for animal slaughter, we establish that the cattle was consumed in the meat industry using blockchain.

Happy end user


The brands who use our leather blockchain can prove their clean and ethical supply chain to their consumers and shareholders. 

Achieving Traceability using Blockchain


We provide a foolproof way for the brands to prove their products are not the reason for slaughter. Using private blockchain we establish traceability in the supply chain without compromising confidentiality. 

Increased Brand Reputation

Clean Supply Chain


From the hide to a final finished leather product, every step across the supply chain can be tracked with complete confidentiality.

From now on every leather user can know that they are supporting the most novel and sustainable fabric without committing any evil.


Avoid suppliers with poor environmental controls

Maintain brand reputation

Know the origin of hide

Clean and sustainable supply chain

Ensure ethical production

Prevent counterfeiting

Benefits of Leather Blockchain

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