Exclusive & eco-friendly fashion items for men.

Easy to use, great to have


The best of the Netherlands and India brought together in Exclusive, Fashionable, Eco-Friendly way. Must have for you!


Big men have big feet ... except when it comes to our footprints. This realization is reflected in our collection, impact on the environment has been the focus of every choice. Read more about it here



Executive Wallet
Fashionable and Functional

Join ELM is about making outstanding functional and fashionable products . Easy to use, great to have.

Dutch Design

 The Netherlands has a big name in the world when it comes to design. We are proud that young, innovative Dutch industrial designers at TU Delft have been prepared to join us in this adventure.

What do users say?

The wallet continues to work perfectly after a long time. The leather stays beautiful and because of its natural grip, the cards do not just fall out (something I had with other cardholders).

Geoffrey Doornbosch
Designer, Rotterdam

Feeling cool!

Paco Caparros

I like the minimal design, it is functional and leather feels good, Loving it

Nick NM Yap
Co Founder - Travis the Translator, Rotterdam

Join the Movement!



There is only one world and we must protect it. The offer in, for example, the supermarket makes it happier ever easier to contribute. That's also true for your Wallet and Key Holder. We want products that are durable. Also find our exclusive fashion items.

Join ELM stands for Exclusive Leather Movement. Men with an eye for fashion and for the world around them. We think that functional fashion items can and should contribute to a better world.

We do this by using Dutch Design to make an impact in the world. Join ELM acts as a platform for Dutch Industrial Designers who want to use their skills to end water pollution from leather industry. We make this a reality by working with hard-working, reliable partners in India. Local entrepreneurs who make the Join ELM collection eco-friendly for a fair fee. To do this, use premium quality goat leather. This is India's most common residual product. Sin, according to us. We saw the potential of Dutch and Dutch designers to process them into functional fashion items that you want to be seen.

The result: exclusive, robust and durable mustache for men!

Be part of the story, join the movement!